Lush Team & Associates

 Here are some of the people who drive this company’s success.


fahey younger cea (REIV) Buyers agent

From the word go, the obsession has always been, real estate.


Jodie J Hill CEA (REIV) & Auctioneer

Following in her father’s footsteps, Jodie is the kind of agent you dream about.


ben scott head of brand & tech

A Colorado native, Ben keeps all the balls in the air behind the scenes. A gun content developer, his expertise and ideas keep us running fresh.

dogs lush.png

Orson, buster & mr Boyd Harris

The dogs are probably not at the top of our list for finance recommendations but if you need some lemon trees tested at your new place, we’ve got you covered. They all are good boys. Good boys. Sit. Stay.


Fahey & Jodie J

“After years of working in the cut-throat world of entertainment, we came to the realisation that we were only doing that to finance our one-true love, the pursuit of all things real estate.”

The Power of Advocacy with Strategy

Fahey & Jodie met each other in the deep dark recesses of St. Kilda’s iconic Espy Hotel - the Gershwin Room to be exact - one damp afternoon, back before iPhones were a thing. Stand up comedy had lured them there, and there they stayed. Each went on to have successful careers in commercial radio, live performance, tv & film writing, production and performance both in Australia and overseas. Fahey lived & worked in the USA. Jodie, in Canada. Both have won awards for various productions including Fahey’s (inaugural) Melbourne International Comedy Festival award for the most outstanding comedy act at the festival - and the inaugural Piece Of Wood Award, the Comedian’s Comedian Award, also for MICF . Life is funny, and so is business. After surviving the cut-throat world of entertainment, the cut and thrust of real estate is a doddle.

“Now we help our peers, buy and manage their real estate. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to get our help! We love helping EVERYONE, by demystifying the process of transacting the most amount of money you’ll ever spend in your life to make sure you get what your heart truly desires. Getting on that property ladder IS achievable. First Home Buyer’s, upsizers, investors and downsizers. We’ve got you. Buying or selling a house can and should be fun! We’ve created this company to give the kind of service we had not seen, or been able to find in our real estate careers.” Fahey is a committed, driven and passionate buyer’s agent - just point her in the right direction and stand back! Jodie’s vendor advocacy and property management skills are unparalleled. Together with our team of experienced, enthusiastic over-achieving women, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us today!