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What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A buyer’s agent is a real estate professional hired by a prospective home-buyer to research, negotiate and facilitate the purchase of property on their behalf. Just as the vendor engages a professional to sell their home who works for them and them alone, the buyer’s agent represents ONLY the interests of the buyer in a real estate transaction. This levels the playing field.

Where & How

We have established relationships within the Victorian real estate network which means agents come to us with new properties. On market, off market, quiet sale (no advertising) and we have even door knocked the homes of properties identified by our clients as ones, “being of interest”. If you want it, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get it - and at the best price possible.  


Fluid communication channels are open and flowing. With your goals in place, we curate and deliver a Hot List. Which properties tick all your boxes?  Which come close? Which, in our opinion, offer you something you may not have previous considered?  All communication is comprehensive, consistent and crystal clear, so we’re proactively working towards your ultimate outcome. You nominate how information is disseminated. Daily phone calls; daily written reports; weekly updates; bi-weekly overviews. Each client is different, our goal is not just to meet, but exceed your expectations in an ideal timeframe.

It Ain’t Over ‘til One of us Sings

As exciting as slapping that SOLD sticker up is, it’s not over yet. We’re there to assist with whatever you need, right through to settlement. We can help you organise pre-settlement cleaning, arrange removalist quotes, and even sort out the disconnection of essential services and reconnection at your new place. With LUSH it ain’t over ‘til the spotlight’s shining directly on the rotund lady, warbling.

But Wait, There’s More

We also offer tailored project management plans for clients who have purchased a home that requires renovation or improvement. From the simple coordination of reputable, recommended trades to repaint and re-carpet your home to full knock-down and rebuild renovations.  We can introduce and oversee the architects, interior designers, landscapers and other trades who are working to achieve the final outcome you desire. Previous (and current) projects include extensive inner-city penthouse apartment renovations. South eastern suburban family home re-touches. Coordination of property styling and furniture purchase for coastal holiday/Airbnb investment properties.  Got a project? We can help smooth the waters.


Wish List

Our team, being fully licensed real estate agents, auctioneers and sales consultants, we KNOW the property market. We eat, drink, sleep and breathe real estate.  We are able to provide you unbiased, statistically backed current market value for your desired property, right across Victoria. Whether you are looking to buy an eastern suburbs family home, an inner-city investment property or a coastal holiday holding. We make it our business to KNOW your market. A good buyer’s advocate will level the playing field between you, the buyer and the seller (and seller’s agent) to assuage the one sidedness of the property purchase. Why should only the seller be represented by an industry professional?

The Nitty Gritty

Often the buying experience can be confusing, frustrating, stressful, disappointing and time consuming. With this in mind we are essentially, an extension of you. You with the market knowledge and the know-how of an active licensed agent. Once a suitable property has been identified, we will conduct due diligence and an extensive report which includes an appraisal of the property’s market value.  A property negotiation should never commence without this step being completed thoroughly.  But it’s not simply about the price. What other features, characteristics, legal/zoning/owner corporation matters that may add value or decrease the value of a property? What there is to know, we will know. A great deal starts with informed choice

Final Round

If you want a stunning price, it’s essential to have a seasoned negotiator in your corner. Whether by auction or private mediation, LUSH Advocates follow a proven process that eliminates doubt that the best result has been achieved. Offers will be dissected on all parts, 1. Amount.  2. Settlement. 3. Terms.  You will be fully informed to make your best decision.

Property Management

Tinder for Tenants. Swipe right for residential. Equal love, mutual respect and dignity for all.

Our boutique leasing company, sheLORDS will take care of all your property management requirements. We are Tinder for Tenants. We give love to Landlords.


Buyer Advocacy

Engagement Fee Approx., $1500

Service Fee 1% - 2% of the purchase price

Once you decide to engage our services (well done by the way, excellent choice) we charge an engagement fee and lock down the service fee. It is important to note, that the service fee is capped, prior to commencement of service for full transparency. This ensures our goal of getting you THE best possible price at any cost - rather than running up higher price to increase a commission rate. We always buy like we’re buying for ourselves. It can get brutal!

All buyer and project management services require an engagement fee to initiate service. This a nominal amount of approx., $1500 with the balance of the success fee paid only once a property has been successfully purchased and the sale has become unconditional.

Service Fees are calculated by purchase price, depending on budget and the level of service provided.

ALL service fees are capped prior to commencement of service (see example of scale).

Buyer range of 0 - 750k, the fee is 2%.
Buyer range of 751k - 1m, fee of 1.85%
Buyer range of 1.1m - 1.5m, fee of 1.75%
Buyer range of 1.6m - 1.9m, fee of 1.6% - 1.5%
Buyer range above 2m - above - negotiable fixed fee

Full Search & Acquisition Service

This service includes but is not limited to networked property searches, online portal and sourcing off-market properties.
Unlimited inspections, full assessment with detailed reports and recommendations for targeted properties.
Liaising with and introduction to recommended conveyancers/property lawyers and other industry professionals.
Engagement and supervision of any building/pest or other recommended inspections.
Negotiating; whether by auction, private sale or tender the successful purchase of the targeted property.

First Home Buyers

We have special rates for first home buyers, with the total fees capped (speak to us about your budget) for qualified purchasers. This service mimics the Full Search & Acquisition Service but for budget limited properties. Don’t assume you can’t afford a Buyer’s advocate. You can. Our primary focus is helping people. Let’s chat.

Negotiation and acquisition service

You bring it, we’ll buy it

Have you found the property you want but are afraid of losing yet, another one? This service is for you.
As with all our services, a full assessment with details report and recommendations will be provided.
Engagement and supervision of any recommended inspections.
Negotiation for successful purchase by either auction, private sale or by tender.

The service fee for this service is 1% (+ GST) of the purchase price.

Auction Service Only

You’ve done your due diligence and have your eyes on the prize but are too nervous to confidently bid at auction.
Let us be your unemotionally attached gun-for-hire. Silent. Deadly. Unbeatable.

Engagement fee of $250 and success fee once property has been successfully purchased between $2,500 - $4,000, depending on budget.

Auction Coaching

We also offer Auction Coaching for those of you with a little more confidence with a particular target in your sights. How DO you make sure you’re the last one standing (without employing a tank or sniper?!) Book our hour long, one-on-one coaching service to boost your confidence and make you game ready. $250 + GST

Project Management

You’ve done it! You have made a successful purchase - whether with us or by yourself. You’re the proud owner of a new family home; an investment property or potential development site. It needs work. A little work? Lots of work, and you don’t know where to start? You need someone to hold all the pieces together.

We offer tailor made project management services to streamline your works and get things moving efficiently, cost effectively and successfully. From introduction to and liaison with architects, facilitation of and guidance with local council requirements, management of interior designers, specialised trades, landscape designers and stylists - if it’s going on, in or near your property, we’ve got you covered.

An engagement fee of $2,500 will get the ball rolling with detailed, pre-arranged progress payments as the project moves along.
This fee is priced at between 9% - 14% (inclusive of GST) of your total project budget, depending on scope of works. All projects capped prior to engagement.

Property Management

Our boutique property management company, sheLORDS provides exceptional service with humour and good grace.

It's a sheLEASE  when good tenants and awesome owners come together to achieve their property goals.

Matchmaking is easy when you recruit and retain. Ensuring everyone is the right place and in the right frame of mind.

Owners want solid returns on their quality investment properties with minimum fuss.

Tenants want decent properties at attractive prices to make their home.

We strive for equal love, mutual respect and dignity for all.

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*Fees are negotiable



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